Our Mission

Mission: A New Hope

We are taking a tactical approach to helping former Afghan Air Force and Special Mission Wing personnel adjust to life in America. This requires a multi-step approach to overcoming mountains of paperwork, reunification with loved ones left behind, transitioning from military to civilian careers, and finding the right job. We are about creating hope, focusing efforts, and helping new Afghan refugees succeed.


Resettlement Efforts

We assist with navigating the myriad of agencies, charities, and various administrative tasks one must do to settle and move forward in America. This ranges from understanding a lease to obtaining medical insurance, evaluating transportation options, filing for asylum, creating a resume, and many, many things in between.


Family Reunification

In a heroic attempt to prevent aircraft from falling into the hands of the Taliban, Afghan aviation personnel had to leave their families behind in Afghanistan. More than 93% of the former personnel of the Afghan Air Force and Special Mission Wing in the United States have been separated from their wives and children since August 2021. We seek to reunite these families. They deserve maximum effort and resolve.


Education & Training

Improving language skills and transitioning from military careers to civilian ones takes time, money, and classwork. These men and women are highly trained professionals, and we seek to prevent them from getting trapped in menial jobs that waste years and trillions of US taxpayer funded training. Education is the way forward.


Job Placement

The U.S. commercial aviation offers many employment opportunities for former Afghan Air Force and Special Mission Wing members who seek to continue careers in aviation. We seek to partner with prominent employers who recognize the value of former Afghan aviation personnel. Many are graduates of the Afghan Air Force Academy or the National Military Academy of Afghanistan, which was modeled after the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.


Colleagues Left Behind

Not all of our loyal allies made it out of Afghanistan. Former Afghan Air Force and Special Mission Wing personnel remain in hiding. Some have been executed, and the Taliban hunt others while they wait out immigration processes to come to the United States. We seek to keep the awareness of these vulnerable aviation colleagues out in front of the media and the various political arenas. These men, women, and their service to the United States cannot be forgotten. 


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As part of the A-29 program initial cadre it was my pleasure to train the first Afghan attack pilots in all aspects of aviation. I found every single one to be exceptionally patriotic, hardworking, and completely dedicated to the cause of a free, self-sufficient Afghanistan. The fall of Afghanistan in 2021 meant these heroes sacrificed literally everything for those ideals. They not only lost their country, but their families as well, most having no way to escape the Taliban threat during the chaos following the U.S. withdrawal. These men and their families need your support, now more than ever.

Major Patrick "FODOG" Glen,
USAF (Ret)
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The Afghan Pilot Program was funded by the U.S. Air Force and was administered in part by Raytheon Technologies. During the four-year period I worked for Raytheon, I served as an Administrator and Mentor for the Rotor Wing program in the United Arab Emirates in coordination with Horizon International Flight Academy. Every Afghan pilot selected for flight training graduated from the Afghan Air Force Academy (AAFA) or the National Military Academy of Afghanistan (NMAA). These aviation officers served their country and the U.S./ NATO mission in Afghanistan. They represent the best their country had to offer, are deserving of our support, and will be an asset to the aviation community in the United States.

James M. Papp, U.S. Army, CW4 (Ret)
Mentor, Afghan Pilot Program (former), Raytheon Technologies

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