Female Afghan Military Project

The Female Afghan Military Project is spearheaded by Lieutenant Sabira Rezaie, AAF and Director of Special Initiatives for The Afghan American Development Group. Sent home on 15 August 2021 and forgotten, females who served in the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces have been the most persecuted demographic since the Taliban takeover. This includes women who served in the Afghan Air Force and Special Mission Wing. Countless numbers of females have been raped, tortured, and murdered by the Taliban for their allegiance to American and NATO forces in the two decade Global War on Terror. Their brothers and fathers have been executed in retribution for having a female in the family who served in the military. Unable to be leave home without a male escort; unable to attend school; forbidden in parks and public areas, they are subjected to facial and fingerprint recognition programs at frequent checkpoints. These women, our former Allies, live in terror, and their numbers dwindle by the day. Lieutenant Rezaie works directly with former female Afghan military personnel hiding in central Asia and facilitates Priority 1 (P-1) applications on their behalf to the U.S. Government for the U.S. Refugee Admission Program.


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In 2021 on March 8, we celebrated this big day (International Women’s Day) in the hall of the Afghan Air Force. We were proud and honored.

Now we are prisoners in our homes. We are not allowed to go out. This is painful and unbearable, not only for me, but for all of the girls who served in the Afghan military.

Every one of us loved our jobs. We were happy to serve our country, serve alongside the United States, and serve the world in the Global War on Terror.  We hoped our efforts would create a brighter future, and every morning we went to work with positive energy and a smile.

Now, I don’t remember much about those days. We, the former female officers who served in the Afghan military, live in poverty, despair, and constant terror. We go without food. We are hunted. We are executed when caught. Our crime - being a woman who served in the fight against terrorists who rule our country once again.

Each day our numbers grow smaller.

Former female Afghan Air Force Officer hiding in Afghanistan

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